This site is designed for mathematics teacher educators, mathematics professional developers and others who work with pre-service and in-service teachers. Our goal is to help you build the reasoning and problem-solving skills of your teachers. We use the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), particularly the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP), to highlight how each Task develops reasoning and problem-solving skills.



Rich Tasks

Our development team has defined rich tasks as those that:

  • Are accessible to students at many different ability levels
  • Are appropriate for students at many, if not most, grade levels
  • Have multiple solution paths
  • Engage the learner in using several of the SMPs
  • Allow for different levels of ”proof”
  • Lead to specific content in the CCSM’s Grade-Level Standards

Each task is analyzed and a downloadable document provides details of the task, its solutions, recommendations for how to use the task with teachers, explanations of how the SMP can play out in the task, which grade-level content standards are addressed by the task, and how students at different grade-levels benefit from completing the task.

The Development Team
Judith E. Jacobs, Dave Kennedy, Yvonne Lai, & Diana Sherman